Self Portrait-(smiling on the inside)



                                            Charcoal and white chalk on paper.

My observations of the serious expression that many of us with Parkinson’s Disease live with.  Followed by a few written thoughts of daily frustrations.                 


       As I stuggle to sign my name – Tell them,

       Misunderstood as I mumble and slur – Tell them,         

       When I stumble in street the – Tell them again.

       Tell them No, He’s not been drinking.

       Tell them, Dave’s got Parkinson’s.




2 responses to “Self Portrait-(smiling on the inside)”

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I think your portrait is not only really well done but your personality comes through very strongly. I think that is so hard to do, give a portrait that radiation of emotion. And your words gave me pause to stop and think of things from your perspective. And it reminds me to do so for all people I meet. Thank you. I very much admire all your work.


    1. David Carroll - Visual Artist Avatar

      Thank you so much Claudia, I am pleased an emotional intensity radiated from the image. The portrait was drawn quicky usimg minimal materials. It is part of a self imposed routine that I have commited to, as a way of keeping a check on hand eye coordination. Parkinson’s has destroyed my handwriting but not yet affected my drawing abilities, thankfully.

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