“The Unformed Road”

The Unformed Road.

“The Unformed Road”  Acrylic and ink on paper, 50cm. x  70cm.

I have given this painting the title “The Unformed Road”, because that’s how it is described on the topographical map of the location. It has now become bordered on all sides by private properties, a landlocked strip of wilderness. This particular spot adjoins our back garden, and is a favourite shady place for kangaroos to rest in the afternoons. I have been attracted to paint here; to me it is a mysterious, wild place where nature is reclaiming what humankind once tried to fence off and control. I am reminded of Kipling’s poem, “The Way Through the Woods”. Typical English wildlife and ghosts from the past inhabit Kipling’s lost road, whereas Bandicoots, Kangaroos, raucous Kookaburras, quarrelsome Lorikeets, musical Butcherbirds, make this a magical space to me. The surrounding area shows mostly evidence of modern settlement. It has been claimed, occupied, fenced, farmed and built upon, but traditionally it is Yaegl land so I am sensitive to this fact and respectful when walking over this ground.





4 responses to ““The Unformed Road””

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I love this. I was reminded of a park where I often run. The trail goes through a flood plain and so the land is left alone. My area is not so colorful, mostly green, but the same feeling as your image. I see deer, rabbits, hawks, and once a bald eagle. Thank you for the post. I felt a kinship from my world to yours in it.

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    1. David Carroll - Visual Artist Avatar

      Thank you for your comments Claudia, it is encouraging to know that my art connects with someone half a world away. Especially when the paintings subject can be so easily overlooked by many, who just pass by this place without noticing.

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  2. watfblog Avatar

    I like this picture so much… The colours and the story what is behind it. Everybody has an experience of a forest, where once was a way… It can be magic, that you can paint this feelings. Your words were very impressing as well. I like Kipling, one of my favourite poems is his poem: “If”. Thank you for this picture!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David Carroll - Visual Artist Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comments.


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