“Over the Fence”

Study for Over the Fence..jpg

“Over the Fence”, acrylic on 300.gsm. paper, 50cm. x  70cm. A break from Abstraction with a return to Landscape.  Many “en plein air’ studies eventually led to this painting. It is a subject that I have been returning to unsuccessfully until now.  I had always looked at the wider picture, when all along my only intent was to express the sensation of entangled undergrowth. What lies beyond remains a mystery.






3 responses to ““Over the Fence””

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I like knowing the back story. Sometimes things take time to emerge, don’t they?

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    1. David Carroll - Visual Artist Avatar

      Thanks Claudia, I feel that writing a few word about my work is a way of reassuring myself that the painting is finished.

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      1. Claudia McGill Avatar

        Yes, I do understand that. It’s a good way to sort of mark the completion.


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