“Reacting to Affect”

Reacting to Affect.1

“Reacting to Affect”, mixed media on 300gsm. paper 50cm. x  70cm. Like a lot of my paintings, this is another unplanned work. Using line, form and colour to realise ‘something‘ that comes before thought or emotion.





3 responses to ““Reacting to Affect””

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I like the painting a lot and the idea behind it is intriguing.


    1. David Carroll - Visual Artist Avatar

      Thank you for your comment Claudia, I guess that in my abstract works I am striving to uncover what lies within my subconscious mind. Is it akin to memory?


  2. Claudia McGill Avatar

    Memories you did not know you had? Sometimes I also think it’s ideas passing by me that decided to settle ?


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