• “Ennui”

    I created this work as a way voicing my frustrations with the way that Parkinson’s disease is rapidly stealing my ability to speak. It began with just one word, loner; I decided that it was not the right choice and so started thinking of others that would best describe the feelings of isolation that can […]

  • “Grey Matter”.

    Whilst trying to maintain an image free of any direct reference to Parkinson’s, I find it imppossible to disregard symbols, motifs and colours I have used in my painting process while living with the disease, nor would I really want to. Parkinson’s is now part of my DNA, (a fact I cannot escape). Therfore I […]

  • Kissing in the Moonlight

    Kissing in the Moonlight.  Just a simple painting remembering something that I imagine we have all done at some time in the past,  I hope for most of us, the happy days will continue forever.

  • Festination.

    Festination; those small steps that lead to a shuffling gait, that in turn make walking extremely difficult, can be very frustrating.  Often it leads to loss of balance, freezing of gait and falling.  Such frustration was the driving force that led me to create this painting, though the frustration itself played no active role in […]

  • The Struggle

    “The Sruggle”(2020). Oil Sticks on paper. Parkinson’s and the struggle within.  Now; over three years since the initial diagnosis, I question whether I have really accepted the truth of it.  One cannot argue with the physical realities of the progressive disease and this fact alone places the mind in an uncertain situation.  On the one […]

  • “Pushing-On.”

    Pushing – On. The struggle of living with Parkinson’s Disease. I needed to depict a figure pushing against unseen forces that entangle and distract, forces that seem to anchor my feet. I pull against them, pushing forward towards the crossing.  If I am bold enough to stand at the kerb, traffic will stop, then the […]

  • Self Portrait-(smiling on the inside)

                                                  Charcoal and white chalk on paper. My observations of the serious expression that many of us with Parkinson’s Disease live with.  Followed by a few written thoughts of daily frustrations.     […]

  • “Over the River”

    “Over the River”- 60cm. x 72cm. Acrylic, charcoal,ink, on paper. This painting was given the title “Over the River’, because it was influenced by the PD Warrior stepping exercise of that name.  I find it a helpful training aid for my walking ability.   Unfortunately, nothing is foolproof, and I suffered my first Parkinson’s related […]

  • Figurative Abstract (untitled – 1

    Figurative Abstract (untitled 1). Acrylic on canvas, 50cm. x 70cm. Using spontaneous and intuitave responses to personal emotions, this painting again references Parkinson’s.  My use of vivid colours is a rebellious statement that rails against what could easily be a depressive disease. The tottering figure, mimics the unstable walk and freezing of gait, that makes […]

  • “Then and Now”

    “Then and Now.” A Self Portrait.  Acrylic, ink and collage on paper. 50cm. x 70cm. The blank, expressionless Parkinson’s face, looks through the Kaleidoscope of colours with which I love to fill my paintings; expressing the brightness and joy camouflaged by the mask. Cheers Dave.

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