Self Portrait-(smiling on the inside)



                                            Charcoal and white chalk on paper.

My observations of the serious expression that many of us with Parkinson’s Disease live with.  Followed by a few written thoughts of daily frustrations.                 


       As I stuggle to sign my name – Tell them,

       Misunderstood as I mumble and slur – Tell them,         

       When I stumble in street the – Tell them again.

       Tell them No, He’s not been drinking.

       Tell them, Dave’s got Parkinson’s.

Author: David Carroll - Visual Artist

Born in 1947 in North Wales, David migrated to Australia in 1970 with his wife and children. He graduated from Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW. with a Bachelors Degree of Visual Art (Honours). Davids artwork is inspired by memory; but rather than depict specific events, he reflects emotional situations, infused by present moments of recollection. In 2017 David was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which has profoundly effected his artwork. He uses colour, form and symbolic motifs, to create a personal visual story.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait-(smiling on the inside)”

  1. I think your portrait is not only really well done but your personality comes through very strongly. I think that is so hard to do, give a portrait that radiation of emotion. And your words gave me pause to stop and think of things from your perspective. And it reminds me to do so for all people I meet. Thank you. I very much admire all your work.


    1. Thank you so much Claudia, I am pleased an emotional intensity radiated from the image. The portrait was drawn quicky usimg minimal materials. It is part of a self imposed routine that I have commited to, as a way of keeping a check on hand eye coordination. Parkinson’s has destroyed my handwriting but not yet affected my drawing abilities, thankfully.

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