Month: February 2017

  • “Primitive Landscape.2”

    Primitive Landscape 2. Mixed media on paper, 50cm. x  70cm. The trees about the cottage did not actually appear as I portrayed them in this image. There was so much more information for me to record.  Memories of the primitive sound of wind blowing eerily through otherwise impenatable undergrowth.  Ancient branches groaning in objection as one rubbed against another […]

  • “Primitive Landscape”

    Abstract landscape,  Acrylic on paper, 50cm. x  70cm. Remembering walking alone through dark eerie woodland.  Memories of the spookie sensation that left goosebumps on my skin.  A spirit filled grove that must be passed to reach home.  

  • “Flotsam”

    Acrylic on canvas, 64cm. x  78cm. Not all voyages reach their chosen destination.  

  • “Unfolding Tragedy”

    Oil on canvas, 64cm. x  78cm. I created this abstract work as my response to the dilema of refugees all over the world who leave their homeland in search of safe haven in other countries. The paper boat is my way of representing the type of unseaworthy vessel that many assylum seekers often find themselves crammed […]